Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Status: Happy. Warm weather rules!!!

Not looking forward to today. I'm not a "confrontational" person, and I'm ambushing our landscaper. His team installed black edging around all our flower beds last summer, and most of it has popped up already. We've done edging before. Usually it takes a few years for it to pop up. It hasn't even been ONE year. His team did shoddy workmanship, bottom line, and we paid good money. He needs to make it right. I just wish HUBBY was the one meeting with him later. Hubby is good at this kind of thing. I am certainly not. Although as I get older, I get braver and more assertive with people who don't deliver.

Lots of chauffering today. I am going to take the Alphasmart to soccer practices, I have a story idea percolating. It's like nothing I've ever considered. It's a little twisted. It's NOT Young Adult. The material would definitely be "reader discretion advised." I think I've watched too many CSI shows, because this idea won't go away. Hmmmm...maybe if I ignore it...

I'm mad at Thing Two. He's known about a project he needs to do for a while, and has he done anything about it? NO. I told him I'd help him with it, but for Pete's sake I didn't tell him I'd DO IT FOR HIM. So I will "help" him tonight but if it doesn't get done, he can just be embarrassed at school. I'm not going to break my neck to do it for him. (Can you tell I have before? ;-)

Live and learn.

It was so beautiful out yesterday, I cleaned off the jogging stroller and put air in the tires, and the baby and I went! I did three miles, but at the end my foot was KILLING me. I still haven't gotten the right orthotics for my metatarsal problem, so I need to do that before I do any more speed walking. I just hate how expensive custom orthotics are. An arm and a leg. Maybe I could give them my foot, and that would eradicate the problem??

But the baby LOVED being outside. He jibbered and jabbered the entire time, and was FASCINATED by my water bottle. I love it when they're this age. So easily pleased by so little. :-)

Time to rassle up some breakfast!


Michelle Miles said...

We're approaching the time of year where it's hot and humid and YUCKY. I had to finally turn on the AC last night.

Enjoy your weather! :)

Devon Ellington said...

Yup, stand up for yourself. The lawn people need to fix this problem. For free.

And yes, Thing Two needs to learn there are consequences when Thing Two slacks off.

Glad you and the baby had so much fun outside.

Lowa said...

Awwww...I am so glad that you are enjoying wee little Thing Four so much! I miss those days:(

Thing Three sounds JUST like my Jock with the making a goal with his face and loving it, etc! LOL Aren't they a blast!??!

Oh...went to a reading tonight of a local author. Bought two of his books and had them signed. Was neat hearing about all his research, etc. He even had a SLIDESHOW of his travels and says he sometimes reads up to 50 books researching for a new novel. Pretty amazing, eh?? Look if you are interested...