Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas On One Page.

Status: Anxious. Gearing up for the weekend! (School plays, birthday party, church Christmas party where I have to A) bring food and B) perform in the musical portion and C) while at the Christmas party, reassure Things Two and Three that no, "Santa Claus" doesn't really look EXACTLY like Brother So-and-So from the church ward with a fake beard...but they're not dumb. They KNOW. So I tell them that it's not really "Santa" but one of his helpers, since he can't be in millions of places at once. I guess it's up to them to extend their imaginations on that one...)

So, Thing Three's birthday "Legend of Zelda" cake was a hit. Here it is:I guess when Thing Three started screaming when I brought it out, it meant he really liked it. So, whether it was a weird idea or not, it worked for him, and that's what really matters. But it opened up a lot of new possibilities for me. Now I can do ANY cake I want to, as long as my kids don't mind cutouts on the cake. I just need Google Images, a printer, a laminator and a pair or scissors, and VOILA: The cake they want!

So, I decided to do something easy for the future--getting all the recipes for the Christmas confections we traditionally make, on ONE page for easy reference. Sure, I had to do nine-point font, but I got all six recipes on one page, and made it all cute. And I downloaded these cute Christmas fonts and gussied it up. So, I have the recipes for Christmas fudge, Hello Dollys, Candy-cane-shaped cookies, Brandy Balls, Sugar cookies and Gingerbread. All the good stuff. On the other side of the page I will have the candy that I make, too. I even have a great Christmas jello and egg nog recipe. (not together, they're separate recipes!) All on one page. Makes it easy--no hunting down recipes for me from now on! At least for the traditional stuff. I've started converting my messy recipe card box to laminated pages in a book anyway. It's a lot cleaner, and I don't have to worry about the cards not making it back to the box. (a common problem in our house!). They'll all be in one binder.

I am mad at Sprint. For some odd reason, their automated (and online) payment systems keep telling me my wonky Wisconsin address doesn't match my check card banking address. I have literally held the Sprint bill and the bank bill side-by-side, and they are an EXACT match, which really makes me stomping mad that I can't pay my bill online or over the phone. I have to physically DRIVE to a Sprint Store (none are close to my house) and pay the bill with a customer service person.

So, yesterday, I make the 20-minute drive to the nearest Sprint store and when I get there, they tell me they can't access my account because they're converting to the new system and no accounts are accessible. So, I have to come back another day to pay my bill.

AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! I hate driving so far, in SNOW AND ICE up to my ears with a baby in the car and lugging him in to pay a stupid bill I should be able to PAY ONLINE!!!!!

Okay. I need to calm down and blog about something else. Better yet, got to have a cup of Swiss Miss fat-free cocoa. (The yummy kind that comes with marshmallows.) I need to have a cup of Happiness before I drive all the way out there again. This Momma ain't happy.


Devon Ellington said...

That cake looks great. In case no one's reminded you lately that you're amazing, let me just say: You're amazing.

9 point font would kill me, but I am taking my favorite holiday recipes, putting them in those page protectors, and putting them in a binder. That way, I can spill on them and wipe it off.

I'm having trouble with Verizon wireless, too, right now. They now expect me to pay my bill before I receive it.

I think not.

uncle Rob said...

Most banks have on-line bill pay. Bill pay is free and you can pay all your bills inclidung sprint. It take a matter of minutes. I pay all mine such as gas, electric, credit cards can even pay private parties. The bank generate a check and sends it. TRY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT.
Take care. UNCLE ROB