Monday, December 31, 2007


Yeah. Aloha. It's raining here in beautiful. Hawaii. In fact, it's rained every day. Yep. Every damn day. We haven't seen the sun since we've been here.

Not sure how I feel about that. But hey, it could be worse. I could be in three feet of snow and six whopping degrees!

Here's a picture I got of a Manta Ray peeking at me:
Not to sound negative, but how much you wanna bet the sun will come out the day after we leave??



Anonymous said...

Oh Lara! I'm so sorry. Make the best of it though. I'm sure it is beautiful there.

We miss you!

Lowa said...

That is a COOL manta ray! WOW!

Can't wait for regular posts again. Sorry about the weather. That is why Stud and I went the first of this month, we figured it may be a bit sunnier. Not that you can ever tell, I suppose.

Does this mean you lost all that weight for no reason?? No bikini needed??

Anxious for an update on your Christmas, etc!

Ann said...

That pic was neat -= but bummer about all the rain!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Rain in Hawaii beats snow back home any day. I'll bet you feel relaxed and rested, and ready to meet 2008 head-on.

Michelle Miles said...

I thought it rained every day there anyway...? Well, hopefully you're having a good time anyway!! :) Miss you!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo!

Sorry you're dealing with rain, but rain in Hawaii is better than rain that's not in Hawaii, y'know? ;)

However, it still limits your movements, especially with your family pack, and that's a shame. I hope you've found some fun indoor stuff to do. May you be greeted with sunshine BEFORE you leave!