Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back to Normal.

Status: Feeling hurried. I have exactly 18 minutes before Thing Four starts screaming for his breakfast...must....type....faster...

So the kids went back to school. I know. Thrillsville. They played in the snow yesterday, and got completely covered, and I had to throw the whole lot of snow pants, gloves, coats and hats in the dryer so they could wear them to school today. We got DUMPED on, about 8 inches here, and add that to the six inches we already had, and you can guess the amount of snow we have.

Poor Hubby, he came home steaming mad, and I asked him why, and he said "Don't you realize that I've been trying to drive up our driveway for the last 20 minutes????"

Um, no, sorry. I didn't get the Clairvoyant Gene. And maybe next time you won't shun four-wheel drive for a sedan. Yep, he's a Sedan Man. Not an SUV Man. Sedan is how he rolls. Yeah. Rolls downhill backwards apparently... *snort!*

Of course right after he got in, the snow plowers came and did the driveway. It was pretty bad. We didn't even get our mail.

Ooops! Thing Four is starting to say "Num Num!!!!" I'd better get up there.

Oh, and I'm doing Yoga today. My trainer said "Why wait until the New Year? Start it now!" So she's planned out a schedule for me, and today, I do 30 minutes of cardio, and Yoga.

Go me.


Lowa said...

Good for you! I LOVE yoga and am going to get back into it in the New Year. I am not kidding myself. I am going to eat as much crud as I want and then really hunker down on Jan. 1st.

That line about rolling backwards was FUNNY! LOL

My kids would LOVE that much snow!

Ok, off to bake, fill my face and watch Christmas movies with the kids!

Devon Ellington said...

It's waxing moon, a better time to sustain projects started. The New Year starts during waning moon, when it's much harder to keep going on new projects. Good for you!

Ann said...

Starting exercise BEFORE New Years Day - impressive!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Having that Clairvoyant Gene would be great. Just imagine what we could foresee:

"Mom, did you see where I put my..."
"Yes, it's in the box in your closet."

"Eating that much candy is going to make you sick."

"Don't leave your homework till the last moment, or you'll never get it done in time."

Hey, we do have the Clairvoyant Gene.

Lara said...

HA HA Lynn! You're right!!!

Michelle Miles said...

Yes! GO YOU!! :)