Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Immortal Panasonic Bread Machine

When I met my Hubby, it was 1993. I remember being very impressed with him because, frankly, he could cook and bake things better than I could. (His mom had insisted all her boys learn how, so they could fend for themselves ;-). After we'd been on a few dates he made me homemade pizza. (Yes, he made the crust and everything!) Apparently his mother had sent him a bread machine, so he and his roommates could enjoy "a taste of home" or something. Anyway, he had this bread machine in his college kitchen. It was kind of a joke at the time, because let's face it, how many twenty-something year-old guys had BREAD MACHINES in their apartments? ;-) Yeah. Not many.

We married in 1996. I didn't have to ask for a bread machine for my wedding, because we had one. Granted, I was really salivating over a double-bread machine I'd seen, but since we were newly married and poor as church mice, I was fine with inheriting the bread machine.

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in a couple months, and guess what I took out the other day, and made a batch of rolls with?

Yup, it's still here! I give you, THE IMMORTAL "BREAD BAKERY" MACHINE, by Panasonic!

This puppy is ollllllld. Like, seriously, OLD. Hubby had had it for at least two years or more when we first met, so let's say it was made in 1990. That makes it TWENTY-ONE STINKIN' YEARS OLD. That is crazy! By my calculations, it's survived roughly 15+ moves to different apartments and houses during our marriage, and every time I plug it in I think "this is it, it's not going to work, and I'm going to have to buy a new one," and it works fine EVERY time!!!

And it still makes a great loaf of bread, and a great batch of dough. I use it at least every other week. In Winter, I pretty much use it weekly. It is AWESOME.

How's that for amazing?


Devon Ellington said...

That is WONDERFUL! There's nothing like the smell of fresh bread to lift one's spirits.

Cassaundra said...

I just made fresh bread the other day, and it killed me that I didn't have time to make my winter beef stew to go along with it.

Man, I can't believe you still have that thing, lol!

Anonymous said...

That IS amazing!


Aimee said...

They don't make things like they used to. Case in point: I'm still wearing the same pullover fleece bathrobe I got in High School. Yep, the robe turns 26 in March.