Friday, January 07, 2011

Hummus, Where Have You Been All My Life?

I am sick. Achy, chilled and fevery. Viruses suck, can I just say? I was curled up in bed most of last night and this morning. I'm taking EmergenC and lots of water. Gotta be a Mom. No time to get sick!

 So, HUMMUS. Yes, it's not new. It's new to "me." So, all you people out there who feel tempted to roll your eyes can just stop it now! ;-)

We went to Brixx last week, and on the menu was "Wood fired pita chips and 3 dips." As in 3 different kinds of Hummus. Hubby was all for it, and I grudgingly agreed. The appetizer came out. It had regular Hummus, black-bean Hummus, and roasted Red Pepper Hummus. We dug in.

Oh my Gosh YUM!!!

I hate to admit it, I have never tasted Hummus. I had a roommate in college who loved to eat garbanzo beans (a.k.a "chickpeas") and I was super sicked out by them. And grinding them up and eating them just seemed...gross.

Then I heard about Hummus being "the rage" a few years back. I figured it was for types who did Yoga and Recycled and ate organic food--which is funny because these days, I do all those things!

Needless to say, I very much enjoyed the Hummus, and I'd totally eat it again. I was at Harris Teeter yesterday and I was shocked to find that a teeny tub of Hummus was $4.99, and a bag of Pita chips was $5.99. Wow. Expensive! I'd rather just go buy a can of chickpeas and spices and make the darn stuff myself! So, I'm on the lookout for a good basic Hummus recipe...

Thing One is finally feeling better today. I'm forcing her to go to school. She's missed all her basketball practices this week, and she's probably going to be too weak to play in Saturday's game, but we'll cross that bridge if and when. I need to get her some good basketball shoes. The shoes she's currently wearing are getting tight in the toe (they're from last year) but she loves them so she only just started complaining. I just hope they have them in her size--a woman's 10. We had a DEVIL of a time finding volleyball court shoes for her last season--I had to order online!

I hope everyone has a good weekend. Hubby is flying out to NYC on Tuesday morning, and we're supposed to have snow that day. Well, RAINY snow, which means he may not be going anywhere. North Carolina is NOTHING like Wisconsin, everything shuts down in mere anticipation of snow. Which is kinda funny, but nice, too.

Stay warm, everyone!


Devon Ellington said...

I was late to the hummus party myself, but now I'm glad I joined.

I have a really good recipe for the black bean hummus _- I'm pretty sure it's Julia Child's. I'll look for it over the weekend and send it to you, if you can wait that long.

I don't like mushing the chickpeas, but once they're done and it's all put together -- yum.

I owe you -- you took on the cold/virus that's been threatening me for the past few days. I'm a little run down and coughy, but I think (hope) I"m managing to avoid the actual cold.

Colin Galbraith said...

Hold on - Hummus is mashed up Chickpeas??? DOH!

Cassaundra said...

LOL- I love hummus. I get these Greek/Mediterranean type cravings and I'll go out and get hummus, a baguette, Greek olive mix, prosciutto, and some goat cheese. Almost like Tapas.

It really is super easy to make, and having a food processor makes it even easier. You literally add the beans, olive oil, garlic and some lemon juice. Making pita chips isn't hard either.

Dan got all creative once and figured it out. You have to be careful though when making them because they'll look like they're still flexible in the oven, but the crisping process doesn't happen until they cool.

I found this recipe a while ago, it's the easiest. Don't forget to experiment with flavors, it's super fun to do!

PS- Tahini, or Tahini paste is ground up sesame seeds.;-)

Lara said...

Will it taste just as good without the Tahini? Where the heck do I get THAT?


ps, Cassie, you'll get a kick out of this--my word verification word is "Derth."

Ah, Memories!!!

Cassaundra said...
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Cassaundra said...

Ahhahaha! does bring back some memories.

And yes, it will taste ok with out tahini. You can get it at any place that sells organic stuff, or an Asian market.

Michelle Miles said...

I adore hummus. I have some in my fridge and put it on just about anything. It's awesome.

We're getting a cold front too and it's supposed to be frigid starting Sunday. Yay.

Aimee said...

I've been making homemade hummus for years (but I don't do yoga, but will eat tofu). Anyway, all you need is a can of chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and tahini, salt and some cumin. I never measure. Just toss in various quantities of the stuff in a food process and make really smooth. Pita chips at Costco are fair priced. But you can make your own, too! :-) If you can't find a recipe you like, I can calculate what I do.