Thursday, January 13, 2011

And We're Still Snowed In...

Well, not by MY standards, activity around here has pretty much resumed to normal. But since Union County has a lot of rural roads that are still iced up, school is canceled for today as well.

Hubby's flight out of La Guardia tonight is still on (fingers crossed!) so that's good.

I bought tickets to see Green Hornet Saturday night for Date Night. I get the titles Green Hornet/Green Lantern so confused. They're both green. ;-)

The kids and I watched The Three Musketeers last night before bed, I had forgotten what a cute movie it is! I can't believe it was made 18 years ago! (As in it doesn't seem that long ago!) But it was made in 1993. Tim Curry is so ham-alicious as the villian, and I love the chemistry between the three principals--Sutherland, Sheen and Platt. I always thought Chris O'Donnell came off as an unlikeable little punk in the role of D'Artagnan, and after watching it again, it seems even worse. I realize now he was a young, up-and-coming actor at the time (hence the starring role) and he was working with seasoned pros, way out of his league. Now, O'Donnell is much more seasoned. :-) He can pull off the lead in NCIS LA very believably, in my opinion. Some actors do get better with age.

I have this app on my iPad called "Voices," and you speak into the microphone and it will play your voice back any way you want--like Darth Vader, or The Exorcist (ugh) or as a Robot. It's hilarious to hear my three-year old right now--he's on the sofa next to me, oblivious to everything but "smack talking" the iPad. His brothers have taught him well. **sigh**

I am SO done making "snow day" breakfasts--waffles, cinnamon rolls, eggs and bacon and muffins, etc. It was fun the first couple of days. Now I'm over it.

Today we're having a "fend-for-yourself breakfast," A.K.A. Get Yourself Some Cold Cereal.

I'm so MEAN, heh heh.

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