Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yes, I'm Alive...

Here's Thing Four chowing down on a hamburger at Five Guys this weekend. MMmmmm...
I'm mad at myself--usually I like to keep up the blog even if I'm on vacation, but honestly, I was pretty busy.

Today is my 13th Anniversary! Of course Hubby is in NYC right now on a business trip, and I'm home sick with a miserable head cold (I know, AGAIN????) but all is well. Thing One took care of Thing Four after church so I could get a nap, and it was nice.

I've got a quiet, typical week ahead of me. I need to unpack six suitcases, but at least the house was clean when we got home! Granted, when I'm sick I don't clean, so my kids are going to HATE me when I get them helping out with the housework. I just need to kick this.

Our first soccer game got rescheduled, so that was nice. Saturday was 75 and beautiful. We got to get the bikes out and let the kids ride around, and we got a tricycle and helmet for Thing Four (who will be two next month, YIKES!). He was so excited to sit on his own "bike" like the other kids. Of course the whole "pedaling" thing is beyond him still, but at least he knows to grab both handlebars and put his feet on the pedals while Mom or Dad pushes. :-)

Time to make Sunday dinner. I am strongly tempted to make French Toast. Yep. For Dinner.


Karen said...

Wow! He looks just like the hubby!

Devon Ellington said...

He's so big!

Feel better soon.

Georgie said...

Gorgeous little one!

Take care, love.

Michelle Miles said...

LOOK AT THAT SWEET BABY!! I bet he was loving that burger. hehehehe

Hope you feel better soon and welcome home! We missed you. :)