Wednesday, April 01, 2009


So, we got a bit of a surprise yesterday. We certainly hadn't planned to do things this way, but sometimes I guess things just "happen" a certain way, and all you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Right?

I guess we'll know what the end result about NINE months!

Getting ready for Thing FIVE!! WOO! Scary, fun, and a little "ok, we've done this a few times" would describe the atmosphere right now. At least they have cute maternity clothes out there in the stores...

I'm starting to edit my story now, and it is going to take FOREVER. But I'm getting rid of the dreaded adverbs, and sorting things out.

Not much else to report today, other than HA HA ITS APRIL FOOLS AND I'M TOTALLY JOKING ABOUT BEING PREGNANT! HA HA HA!!!

Hope nobody gets infected with any (computer) viruses and your kids/family/coworkers keep the pranks to a minimum.

And I really do need to work on edits today! That was no joke.

Happy Wednesday and April 1st, everyone!


Karen said...

You totally got me!!!

Devon Ellington said...

You realize that now you've put it out there, it's going to happen, don't you? ;)

Aimee said... totally got me!

Michelle Miles said...

YOU ARE SO BAD!!! I was sitting here with my mouth open. LOL!