Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Oh Fudgebuckets!!!

HA HA. My three-year old just said that out loud! I'm wondering where he learned it...

Okay. Health and fitness my eye. Why is it I have all the resolve in the world until I get within 100 feet of a Chick-Fil-A?

Not going there. But my family enjoyed it, too, last night. Those nuggets have some sort of addictive SOMETHING in them, I swear. ;-)

Hubby is on his way to Atlanta, the kids are wearing short sleeves (it's going to be 70 today!) and I red boxed Secretariat for us to watch tonight after dinner. We always wanted to see it in the theater, but never got around to it. I love John Malkovich. I can't wait to see what he did with his character in this one!

I'm getting into Packing and Dejunking Mode, once more, because, yes, we're moving again. Granted our lease with this house isn't up until June, and we may be staying a little longer than that because we've decided to build, but I need to get the process started. Goodwill is going to love me, this year.

I was a little sad, last night, because the Pinewood Derby happened and both of my boys aren't cub scouts anymore. They're too old to participate. They had so much fun, the years they did it. But hey, my three-year old will be a cub scout in five years and we'll get to do it all over again! WOO!

I've been giving Thing One, my 13-year old daughter grief, lately, because all she wants to wear to school are jeggings and a hoodie (NOT a zip hoodie, those are "uncool,") and either Uggs or the black and white Converse hightops she stole from her brother. As in, that's ALL she wants to wear. And she likes drab colors like black and gray and brown and I have been freaking out, thinking she wears the same type of thing over and over.

The other day I went to her seventh grade play, and I immediately understood. EVERY SINGLE GIRL in that school wears jeggings, a drab hoodie, and Uggs or Converse hightops. Seriously. It reminded me of a Clone Factory. And not a bright color to be seen anywhere. There were a couple of girls in brights, but they stood out like sore thumbs, and clearly didn't "get it."

It was all very Gattaca-like. Can't blame my daughter for conforming, I guess, but she used to have SOME individuality. But I need to cut her some slack because she just moved here and she wants to fit right in. Mission accomplished. I guess I'm saying I miss my non-eyeliner wearing sweet-tempered twelve-year old Thing One. *sniff* She's gone forever. *double sniff*

And now I need to go and redirect my 11-year old son, who thinks it's perfectly okay to play with his iPod Touch before school....grumble...


Devon Ellington said...

I love that expression -- and the photo's pretty cool, though.

I've never been to a Chick-Fil-A -- am I missing something? ;)

They're all trying to look like Kristen Stewart. They'll grow out of it.

Personally, I think jeggings are the ugliest trend since -- well, since poyester shirts in the 70s. I told a friend's daughter who wants to come visit and go shopping in Boston that I (a wardrobe maven) won't be seen in public with anyone who wears jeggings. She dresses like a proper fashion-forward person or we go to K-Mart in Hyannis!

And you know i'll do it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Is that really a bucket of fudge?



Aimee said...

You're cracking me up because only a girl who grew up in the 80s laments the dark drab colors of today's teens!