Thursday, February 03, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Kids Grow!!!

Either that, or I'm shrinking everything in the dryer. But I will say, the latter is possible. I dry most of my kids' clothes on low, because they are all tall. On Thing One, every t-shirt becomes a belly shirt eventually. Case in point, the school P.E. uniforms. You can buy a pair for $15. The shorts are shiny blue polyester, so they don't shrink, but the gray school logo t-shirts--they shrink about a quarter inch up every time I wash them. And since they are P.E. shirts, they need to be washed frequently. I've already had to buy a couple of sets. *grumble*

Thing Three suddenly grew out of all his new shoes I bought him. And Thing Four seriously grew overnight, because all his shoes don't fit, either. And they fit last week!!!

It's a given, when you have a young child, that you need to buy them a completely new wardrobe every six months. Well, with my Thing Four, who is three and in a size 5T, I've had to do it a little more frequently. Every time people ask how old he is and I tell them he's three, the eyebrows go right up. "Wow, he's tall! He looks like a five-year old!"

And then I make the joke about how he's going to be a pro football player, etc. etc.

I need to buy new church clothes for everyone. I need to buy all new shoes. Maybe if I stopped feeding them...  ;-)

We are throwing a big bash for the Superbowl on Sunday. My boys are ecstatic, they will be wearing their Green Bay jerseys (and to answer your question, no, I have never owned nor will I ever own a Cheese Head!) and we've invited a few families over and we're doing snacks galore. And barbecue. I just hope the Packers win. They SO deserve it!

Guess I'd better get the house cleaned up...

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Devon Ellington said...

That sounds like fun.

Hmm -- are the PE clothes by Hanes? Much as I love Hanes, I learned the hard way not to put anything by them in the dryer. I hang it on the rolling rack. Actually, I hang all my active wear on the rolling rack -- I only toss them in the dryer if I need to pack it right away. Otherwise, it either shrinks or shreds in a few months.