Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Deep Random Thoughts By Lara

Yesterday was a little crazy. Just a little. :-)

Here are some random thoughts for you:

1) I need to clean off my desk

2) The neighborhood cat has adopted the back porch

3) My boys left their bikes out all night and they're still sitting in the side yard.

4) Milk delivered in glass bottles is the BOMB

5) Cherry Blowpops (of which we have 405847 left over from Valentine's day candy) are quite tasty.

6) Someone seriously wrote "wash me" on the back window of my car. (#!&*#!! dusty road construction!!)

And that's about it. Happy Wednesday, everyone.


Devon Ellington said...

Once a cat makes a decision, that's that.

Milk in glass bottles is great, isn't it?

Rude person -- if they care so much, they could have washed the car FOR you!

Lara said...

I suspect it was one of my own children. ;-)