Monday, October 25, 2010

No Tricks this Year...Please! Just TREATS. :-)

We're all sick. Every stinkin' one of us. Granted, we only have head colds, and THANK HEAVEN we're all sick at once, but it still isn't fun. But you know how when someone in the house is sick, you want to "quarantine" them or wipe everything down and avoid getting germs at all costs? Well, when everyone is sick, it's just business as usual. And once everyone gets better, we'll change the bedsheets, wipe everything down and get new toothbrushes. Done.
I'm just watching Thing Three, and praying it doesn't go into his chest. He hasn't had pneumonia since April. Six whole glorious months. That's the longest stretch ever! Before then, he was getting it every six weeks. (knockonwoodknockonwoodknockonwood).

My neighbors are awesome. Since they found out we're Mormon and our kids won't trick or treat on Sunday, they are rallying to get our cul-de-sac and a few others to trick or treat on Saturday night. I mean, that is SO cool. Apparently a lot of them don't want their kids trick-or-treating on Sunday either. I feel bad, because my kids were really looking forward to trick-or-treating this year--because last year, Thing Three was in the hospital (he'd just been admitted the day before and we'd almost lost him) and I was in NO frame of mind to take my kids out. Not to mention I hadn't slept in 36 hours. So, on the way home from the hospital (Hubby was staying the night there) I bought a bunch of candy, we put half of it out on the front porch with a sign that said "help yourself" and we took the rest downstairs to the movie theater room and hung out and watched Monster House and ate candy. And that was just fine with the kids.

But this year they wanted to go out. Now it looks like they will! :-)

The weekend was busy, but good. I just can't believe Thing One turns THIRTEEN tomorrow! I will officially have a teenager!

Then again, she's been acting like a teen for about two years now, so it's not like some magical transformation is going to take place, and she will suddenly be moody and snotty and materialistic and secretive. We've already "been there done that."



Georgie said...

Cool neighbors, no doubt. That was really nice of them.

B. K. Birch said...

Wow! Great neighbors. Sorry ya'll got colds. It happens every time the weather changes and you've got a few more changes before it stays cold.

Happy Birthday to Thing 1!