Thursday, October 07, 2010

I Don't Want to Die...(Melodramatic Post)

It's Thursday. This week has been flying! Probably because Hubby is in LA (Well, he was, he flies to NYC today) and I have been bad and not keeping the house up to my usual clean standards. (Stop smirking, Mom.)

So, today, I will get everything sparkling again. Tonight will be tricky because Thing One has a basketball practice and Thing Three has soccer practice at the same time, and there's only ONE of me, and the gym and fields are 10 minutes apart. So, one of them will just have to be a little late.

Well, I'm hoping this isn't my last post before I die. I opened a bunch of stuff from storage yesterday, and found my Britta Water pitcher, which I'd been missing. I promptly filled it up before bed. This morning, I took a vitamin and poured myself a big ol' glass of water. It tasted funny. Like, kind of moldy. But not enough to gross me out, and I had the vitamin stuck in my throat, so I drank the whole glass of water.

Then I realized, the FILTER. I pulled it out of the pitcher and it had MOLD growing on it!!! UGH!!! I mean, really, of all the bone-headed things to do. The filter was damp when it went into storage three months ago. Of COURSE it would be moldy. And I just drank MOLD-FILTERED water!!! I mean, can you stamp a big old "DUH" across my forehead???

I immediately ran to the bathroom and tried to make myself throw up, which is something I have never tried. (Clearly I never did the Bullemia thing.) All I did was gag myself, and the water didn't come up. And I really tried, like SEVERAL times. Nothing. So, I ran and googled "I drank moldy water from a water filter" and the general consensus is that I will be fine, at worst, I'll get a headache and maybe throw up and have the yucky D word.

I feel sort of nauseated right now, but I think it's psychological. But still, UGH!!!

So, let's hope I'm around tomorrow to post again. :-(

And my throat really hurts.


Michelle Miles said...

Oh ECK!! I'm sure you'll be fine but still...ECK! And your throat is probably sore from trying to puke. (funny, my word verification is "mucksh" - isn't that appropriate! haha)

B. K. Birch said...


Devon Ellington said...

Flush your system with as much water as you can. If you were a drinker, a couple of shots of vodka work to kill the bacteria, but I don't think that's an option. Try sage tea and/or rosemary tea -- both will help.