Friday, October 22, 2010

A Day of...Fun??

Today is going to be very...busy. One of Hubby's childhood friends is driving down with her kids, I'm pulling my kids out of school early so we can all go to Discovery uptown, and then we're going to meet for pizza, and THEN we get go to the church for a friday night practice of the primary program (shoot me now) and then at 8:30 I am going for a GNO. I will be dead, but it will at least be with people I like.

Saturday will find me sleeping IN. Since Thing Three's foot is broken, we have no soccer games to go to. Unless he wants to go sit on the sidelines and "support" the team, because it is their last regular season game. I may just let him do that. Why not?

He doesn't have to have a cast, thank heaven, but he gets to wear one of those velcro "boots" for a couple of weeks.

My three-year old is obsessed with the movie "How to Train Your Dragon." I will admit, it's one of those movies you could watch over and over because it's so clever and fun, (and I LOVE the Scottish accents!) but that's ALL he wants to do. I have to pry him away from it. And then he wants to watch it on the iPad. Or in the car. Basically, everywhere we go. Funny. I remember I was like that with Pete's Dragon as a kid. I wanted to watch that movie all the time. And The Moon Spinners. There's a movie I could watch over and over again even today. ;-)

Okay I'm rambling. Gotta get the car washed and figure out where I'm supposed to park once we get there! I just hope I don't get lost. (Don't LAUGH, Brenda!!!)



Anonymous said...

A boot is much better than a cast. At least you can take it off when you shower.

There's a parking garage for Discovery Place. But if you're anything like me, you'll freak out just driving an SUV into one.

Have fun.

Lara said...

Well, I drove past it--I was looking for it on Tryon street. I finally figured out the signs meant "straight ahead" instead of "next block over." And I don't freak out unless it's 6'10. THEN I don't drive in. ;-)