Friday, August 06, 2010


What do you do when a spectacular lightning storm knocks out your Internet, and you are informed it won't be back up until 8pm TONIGHT and your iPad won't work because your entire neighborhood is an AT&T dead zone???


Yes, that probably is an option. Or you could throw the iPad in the car and drive until you get a signal so you can blog. Not that I would DO that, but yes, I am currently sitting in my backyard (I figure ten paces forward, five to the left and two paces back and I am in the spot where I actually have some signal bars...)

Last night was...interesting. My kids, who all happen to be notorious Thunderstorm Wimps, ran downstairs as soon as the lightning and thunder started. I find storms fun and exciting. My kids...well...not so much. They all gathered in the kitchen while I made dinner. My daughter was the best:

HER: "So, are there tornadoes in North Carolina, Mom?"

ME: You know there are.

HER: "You could at least LIE, you know. And tell us there aren't any so we'd feel better.

ME: Yes, I could, but then you'd call me on it.

HER: "Yeah, I guess you're right. (pause) So, where would we actually hide if a tornado hit our house?"

And on and on and on, ad nauseum. My kids, who usually act like they're invincible, turn into full-blown paranoids when it comes to stormy weather. And guess who all wanted to sleep with me last night?


Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I will relate the inspiring tale (not, heh heh) of my weed beds on Monday's post. Notice I didn't call them flower beds...


B. K. Birch said...

They'll get used to the storms here although I must admit, yesterday was a bad one. It's almost like living in Florida with those crazy constant afternoon downpours.

Just remember - WEATHERPEOPLE exaggerate for ratings around here. No one will watch if it's just another rain shower or sunny day. But toss in a tornado warning, or lightning or (heaven forbid) a snow advisory and watch the ratings soar!

Trust me, you WILL be laughing your ass off when winter comes. But take the milk and bread seriously as it does disappear.

Anonymous said...

My poor grandchildren inherited my "storm" genes. You inherited your Dad's.


Devon Ellington said...

Love thunderstorms.

Not too fond of tornados.

Loathe At&tT!

Colin Galbraith said...

You don't implode, you read a book! *tut* ;-)