Thursday, August 26, 2010

Middle School Sucks

You know what? It really does. I remember well my middle school experiences. Well, mostly just 8th grade, because I've blocked most of 7th grade from my memory. Because I was a bit of a dork, and was treated accordingly. (Mostly I think it stems from the pivotal act of SHAVING MY HEAD right before 7th grade started. Okay, it wasn't exactly shaved, but I'd had hair down to my butt for years, and my dad cut it to my ears and feathered it. Right. Before. School.)

Anyway, Thing One came home from school yesterday claiming she wasn't ever going back, and Thing Two was of the same feeling. Lots of hugs and TLC yesterday. It's not that the middle school kids were mean, it's just that my kids were ignored. I explained no one knows who they are yet, and most kids going to gravitate towards the familiar. Hopefully today will be better. They are also a little shell-shocked because elementary school is a picnic compared to middle school. All these new classes and teachers and running around from place to place is a shock to them.

I know things will get better for them, it's just not fun to have to watch them go through it, you know?

Got a lot of my house clean yesterday. There's still not enough hours in the day. I'm almost busier now than I was during summer! Probably because I'm doing all the things I couldn't do because I had kids at home and DIDN'T WANT to do them. ;-) Yeah. Funny how that works.

Happy Thursday!

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B. K. Birch said...

They're right. Middle school does suck. I hope it gets better for them.