Thursday, January 07, 2010


I got all the Christmas decorations down yesterday. SAD!!! I played Christmas music while I did it, I guess sort of like a last hurrah. It was quite poignant. I know, I know, get over it. It's just my favorite time of year, and it's so...quick.

It doesn't feel like "a new year" to me, yet. Maybe because I was not in my own town when it happened, and traveling just sort of killed me. That four-hour leg from Vegas to Milwaukee was a bear, even though my kids were well-behaved. (Thing Four was supposed to fall asleep on the plane, but OF COURSE he was wide awake throughout the whole thing, and wanting to be "entertained.") Ugh. Thank heaven for portable DVD players. :-)

So, now everything looks like my blog--plain and boring. And cold. Did I mention cold? Did I mention how much I truly detest the winters here? I guess I can complain because we're only here because Hubby's job is here. Otherwise...well...we wouldn't be here. I am usually one to "make the most of things" but the Wisconsin winters just defeat any happy/positive feelings I have. Nice, huh?

So, to prevent the inevitable Winter Blahs, I am going to keep busy. Plus my kids are in sports--Basketball for Thing Two, and for Things One and Three Volleyball and Indoor Soccer start soon. I'll be running around like usual. That should help keep my mind off the MIND-NUMBING BITTER BRUTAL COLD AND GLOOM. We're in the middle of a storm now. Supposed to get 10 inches by tonight. At least the plows are timely around here.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that someone PLOWED into the side of my brand-new baby at the airport parking lot, while we were blissfully several states away. The passenger side of my Sequoia is dented in, right where the passenger and back doors meet. We were pretty freaked out about it, until we found a teeeeeny business card on the windshield with an apology scribbled on the back.
We were so amazed. The guy could have just taken off, but he left a note, and his insurance is taking care of the damage (which is probably going to be in the thousands). So, that's one less stress. I am just grateful he had a conscience and left a note. WHEW!!!

Gotta get some kids up!


Devon Ellington said...

Glad the guy had a conscience.

Sorry to hear about the damage, though.

I don't think your blog looks boring at all!

The Bean Cassarole said...

I totally agree, it feels like the holidays flew by. Everyone I know feels the same way too, and I'm in our hometown! I chalked it up to retail taking it all away from me by having to do everything months in advance, but apparently not.

Even though Dan and I were together for the new year, it still felt "meh" to the both of us.

I do not envy the temps that are coming your way, If I were you I would be keeping those instant heat packs in your car, it's supposed to hit about this afternoon.

We're cold too, it's gonna be a bad for us because we had TONS of rain that puddled and made everything swampy because the ground is frozen after 5" or so. Then it all froze in place and the ice is very deceptive.

Glad you guys are back! :) And super glad you can get the car stuff taken care of, good karma to that gent for sure!

Michelle said...

ARGH. I had a comment all typed out and then blogger blew it away. Meh.

Sorry about your car but at least he left a note!

Aimee said...

Were we in Provo at the same time? December 20-29?

Lara said...

AIMEE, ARE YOU KIDDING??? I was in Springville from Dec 24-Jan 4!!!