Friday, January 15, 2010

Is It Friday Already???

An odd phenomenon: Whenever Hubby travels, the week seems to FLY by! (Maybe because we're having so much fun, heh heh!) But seriously, this week cruised by. Frankly, it got away from me.

Okay, I just sat and stared at the computer screen for like, THREE minutes straight. I have nothing to report. Nothing to type about (that I dare ;-) and I just realized that is so sad!!! I guess if I could have a great day, my next day's post would go like this:

Had a great day yesterday. After sitting under a tree admiring the Tuscan countryside and reading my historical romance novel for four hours in the buttery breeze, went into the local market and ran into a vacationing J.J. Abrams, whose wife loves my novels. Talked about making one into a movie. Have his business card...

Then came home to the villa where Chef Giancarlo had prepared an excellent dinner--sat on the veranda with Hubby and the kids and dined by candlelight, listening to the neighbors practice their mandolin music and enjoyed the sunset...

YEAH. BLARF. Wouldn't THAT be awesome!!!

Anyway, since that is NOT my life, and I spent most of yesterday chasing after two energetic two-year olds and playing "castle" and reading books and building blocks and wiping butts and noses, I guess it seems fun to "daydream" a little. Especially since I've had to turn off the TV, because my heart is breaking over what is going on in Haiti. I guess I should just shut up, right?

Have a happy weekend, everyone!


The Bean Cassarole said...

You know what would be even better to add to that scenario?

"Invited my sister and her husband over for dinner tomorrow to celebrate. The land they leased to a local wine merchant made the best wines this season and others are now vying for a lease. They will be taking a 2 month vacation touring Europe...again."

*sigh* Right there with ya.

Colin Galbraith said...

One can always dream; it would be wrong not to :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it! Just Love it!