Thursday, March 20, 2008


Status: Outraged. It's SPRING, DANG IT!!!

So, apparently Mother Nature is enjoying her little joke. We're supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow!


The Easter Egg Hunt will be cancelled. Our outing to the park won't happen either. And I'm not washing my car (I was going to take it in and get it detailed inside and out) now that I know it's going to get all gross again. We have been enjoying sunshine and warmer (40s and 50s) weather. I mean, COME ON ALREADY! President Bush even decided to give us Disaster Relief because of that awful storm we had in February. We've had a hard winter. Just when we think things are turning a corner, to hear that we're getting MORE's really disheartening. I mean, we had neighborhood kids out, riding bikes and scooters yesterday, and my own kids and a bunch of others were running around our backyard and playing BASEBALL for cripe's sake! AND it's Spring Break!!!

Okay, rant over. But can you tell how sick of snow I am? I will proceed with my regular plans, though. Tonight I'll make dough, and tomorrow we'll make about 83429 Easter cookies, and decorate them, so we can take them around to friends and neighbors. The kids are home from school tomorrow--maybe I'll brave the drive to the "big" Half Price Books and we can get lost in there for an hour or so. As long as Baby is cooperative. :-)

On the Writing Front:
I've cracked 24K. I need to speed up though, because the end of the month is looming. I found myself a little "stumped" last night, because after I finished writing THE BIG SCENE, I discovered that I still only had half a novel and there are only three or four more key scenes, and they weren't enough to make up the next 25,000 words. So I had to scramble and think of some more subplot, and I just started writing. And something happened, and we turned a corner, and now, I have at least one more chapter's worth. And I'm wrapping my head around another idea, that will be fun, but tricky. LOTS of research required for this one. But if I do it right, I'll be able to pull it off.
I can only hope! I'm just excited I'm doing this. I haven't written new material in a LONG time.

Off to the races I go! But hey, more snow DOES mean more Postum! Yum!


Devon Ellington said...

You've got a really good writing rhythm going. You're not pushing too hard, you're working at a steady pace.

I think whatever number you end up with at the end of the month is your comfort number, the number that you can reasonably expect from yourself every month.

Good work.

Sorry to hear you're supposed to get more snow.

Michelle Miles said...

Today is the first day of Spring and you'd think the snow and cold weather would be over. It's dumb.

You are doing SO GOOD on this writing thing. I'm way behind, too, but I had contest emergencies to handle. But this weekend I'm going to try and crank out some words since I'll be alone most of the time. WOOHOO!

Lynn Sinclair said...

I can relate because: I. Am. So. Sick. Of. The. Snow.

But hatching exciting new subplots -- that's cool.