Friday, February 23, 2007

What Do I NEED When I Write?

Okay, we're supposed to either get rained on, or DUMPED ON (Snow) this weekend, depending on which way the Cold Front shifts. Although I am thinking snow. I just looked at, and it said snow every day except one for the next ten days.
Nice. I need to go on a milk run again. When we get storms around here, the milk disappears. And although I have lots of powdered milk in storage, I'm not crazy about the taste of it...

Actually, I have to say it's been a nice winter so far. Yeah, it's been bitter cold and yucky, but the SUN has been out too, which makes it SOOOOOO much better. Seriously, sun makes all the difference. I remember one winter here I had gray skies for two months solid. And it was depressing as HECK.

I'm reading Philippa Gregory's The Queen's Fool, now. I can't put it down, either, but I've been forcing myself to. This woman really has the Tudors DOWN. I know it's a work of fiction, but she does a "Dan Brown" where she uses real characters and makes you get into their heads enough to where you would totally BELIEVE it's all real. And that, is great writing.

Now, for the title of my post:

I'm sure every Writer has their "stuff." As in the things they need, to write. I'm the type of writer who, when I'm going strong, I don't want to stop to do menial things, I just want to keep going. So I have a "Writer's Survival Kit" at my writing desk in my office.

Sounds weird, I'm sure, but I REALLY don't want to stop when I'm on a roll. So what do I have in and on my desk to make sure I can "keep on going and going and going?"

1) Chapstick
2) Hair bands (to whip that hair back into a ponytail when it starts to bug me)
3) Pens Galore (including red for editing)
4) Sticky notes
5) Kleenex box
6) Bottle of water
7) Candy jar (Filled with Spree-because they're sour and I won't want to eat a bunch, but in case I need some sugar)
8) Telephone
9) Reference books (Thesaurus, Dictionary, etc)
10) Lotion
11) Portable CD player with "inspiring" music
12) Pencil sharpener, stapler, staple picker, ruler, paperclips
13) Laser Printer

Whew! I think that's it. I have basically everything I need, except a port-o-potty. (As if I would really HAVE one!) But luckily, in the basement, I just have to go down four steps and there's the bathroom, in the Game Room.

So, unless I'm absolutely starving, I have all the little comforts I need, so I can plod on. And if I need something from my historical files, I just scoot the leather chair back (I LOVE wheels!) and there are the files, behind me. I have the perfect setup--for me.

So, what do you all have at YOUR writing desk? I'm tagging Devon, Mik, Colin and Brenda.

Time to get some breakfast, and get the kids in their coats. It's FRIDAY!


Michelle Miles said...

Oh this is a great tag! I will do this in my Monday post :)

Devon Ellington said...

THE QUEEN'S FOOL is my favorite of all her books.

Thanks for the tag -- I'll do it in Saturday's post.

Lara said...

I just finished it---it was WONDERFUL!

Colin said...

Another tag. YAY!

God Bless America! :-D

Ann said...

I LOVED The Queen's Fool. Gregory is the best! Her Robert Dudley is so sexy and so REAL.