Thursday, September 23, 2004

Shotgun Day

Interesting title, I know, but that's how my day has gone. Since my laptop is setting dormant for now until I get a much needed cd, (which by the way a lovely woman from my writer's site is sending to me, thanks Purl!) I decided to attack my house today, and de-junk it. (Little did I know what a Behemoth task that would be...) When we lived in Texas, there were no basements. When we moved here, our new house had a HUGE basement in it, and I promptly began to fill the storage room up with boxes, decorations, etc. In fact, over time, the basement storage room has become a catch-all for everything but the kitchen sink.
So, out of guilt, I started the odious task of dejunking it. I knew I was in trouble when the stack of half-filled boxes began to resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa, (and was about as tall) and my "sorted piles" of junk became nondescript blobs of "ugh I can't remember what that pile is supposed to be!"
So, I gave up and went to another room, determined to fish all the old clothes out of a closet for the Goodwill. I promptly became overwhelmed by all the clothes I had to sort and went to the kids rooms to organize their toys. Then I gave up on that and went on to the laundry. Or rather, I peeked in the laundry room at Mount Vesuvius, which has been steadily growing since Monday, half-heartedly put in one load and left.

ERGO, shotgun day. I can't stick to one task, but I have to go here and there and leave a bunch of bigger messes in my wake. I think it's Adult ADD. I feel all out of sorts, and I want my laptop back, so I can write. I really WAS on a roll with my story! *sniff*
To heck with this. I'm taking the kids to McDonalds...

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