Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sunburn Part III: The Itch

I am in agony. Seriously, if this itching doesn't stop, I'm going to scream. Because I can't really scratch it. It makes it worse.

Yeah. The Sunburn is healing, can you tell? And of course it doesn't just ITCH. It is stabbing, almost painful itches. Why? Why couldn't I have just REAPPLIED THE DARN SUNBLOCK????

Yesterday was a wasted day. I am coordinating (because Hubby passed it off to me, grrrrrr) the Family Reunion DVD, and everyone emailed me their pictures yesterday. One by one. So, fifteen pictures times six families, plus random shots, plus I have to figure out the music, and the software for my scanner had to get reinstalled and OF COURSE it wasn't compatible with Windows 7, so I had to find and download a driver, and that took forever, and then after all that I found out that they only wanted pics from 2005 to the present, so 80% of my pictures weren't recent enough.

**Insert Guttural Scream here***

Okay, I have to cut this post short. Because I have to go lie down and try not to scream from all the itching. Pray for me. If I don't jump off the roof it will be a freaking MIRACLE!!!!!!

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Devon Ellington said...

Feel better soon.