Friday, July 09, 2010

It's Friday! Wait, FRIDAY??? AAACCKKKK!!!

The sunburn is better. WHEW. Of course I am a complete zombie because I stayed up until 2am organizing/burning photos for our family reunion DVD. I have to drop them off at the photographer's today.

Hubby wants to go to the pool again this weekend, I'm a little nervous about that. SPF 9483747, anyone? And I have to get coordinating/matching shirts for our family's pictures, AND buy some new clothes, AND pack, AND plan a meal for 30 people. Mexican food is already taken, as is the traditional hamburgers and hotdogs. Eeek!

I did get most of one room unpacked yesterday. Today should be zero progress day because I am letting my kids have friends over and go to the pool. Yes, I am going to drop them off and go back home. I need some time to get stuff done. Does that make me bad?

I am going to take the NC driver's license test today. I mean, SERIOUSLY??? I have been driving forever and I have to take a written test to drive here? Sorry, have to complain about that one. And I've heard the questions are tricky. Which means I'm probably going to flunk the first time. LAME!!!

I hope everyone has a good weekend! Cross your fingers I don't embarrass myself too much at the DMV!!



B. K. Birch said...

Ha! I remember when I had to take the test here. The bad thing was I didn't know I had to take it until I arrived at the DMV. I passed.

I drop the kids off at the pool all the time. Heck sometimes I even make them walk to the pool. If you're bad, then I'm criminal.

Have a wonderful weekend!

B. K. Birch said...

Hey email me if you want my slow cooker barbeque recipe. That with some buns, cole slaw and baked beans is pretty easy.

Aimee said...

Congrats on the progress you're making unpacking. And I'm sorry about the bad sunburn...ouch!

As for the driving test, just take 20 minutes and review the booklet provided at the DMV to cram in the answers to the weird questions like: "At what length do you need to tie a red flag to a board hanging out of the back end of a vehicle--3 ft, 4 ft or 5 ft.?"

Devon Ellington said...

The driver's manual is probably online. Read it before you take the test. Or skim a manual at the site before you take it. Every state's laws are slightly different, so now most states make you take the written.

Not looking forward to giving up my NY license when I leave, especially since it counts as an international license, too.