Thursday, May 13, 2010


Slept in this morning. I haven't done that in a while. I have been waking up at 5:30 every morning for a jog on the treadmill (don't get all excited, I've only been doing it since Tuesday) and this morning I turned my alarm off at 5:20 (gives me ten minutes to get into my workout gear) and I decided to lay back and close my eyes. Just for a minute.

Then suddenly I'm snapping awake, and it's 7am. In the blink of an eye. Just like that.

I jumped out of bed and got the kids up, and of course they were all mad at me because I slept in and disrupted the "routine" of the morning. Up at 6am, breakfast, teeth, clothes, and then whatever until the bus comes. Well, this morning it was runlikehellgulpdownapieceoftoastandflylikethewindtogetdressedand packlunch.

They didn't care for that much. But I was nice and drove them to school.

I guess my body is just tired. I blame the storms all last night. I couldn't sleep, and the wind and rain against the windows was really loud at times. Kept waking me up.

Thing One has her volleyball tournament starting today, into the weekend. If I didn't have a three year old, I'd be so stoked. But since I DO have a three year old, hanging out at a school for six hours at a pop is NOT my idea of fun. We might have to do some creative coming-and-going.

It's still raining. Everything is waterlogged. And the stupid birds are back trying to build a nest above our front door. They LOVE that place. Granted, it really is perfect for a nest, but with all the comings and goings and the front door opening all the time, we know they'll get spooked and eventually abandon their babies. So, I have to stick a bottle of windex on the ledge above my doorway. I know, TACKY. But it scares the birds away and keeps them from building nests.

Thing Four is upstairs growling in frustration at his toy soldiers so I'd better go intervene...

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Devon Ellington said...

I slept in today, too. It was supposed to thunder and lightening, so i didn't want to run in that. Of course, it didn't, which means now I have to get up early tomorrow .. .