Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And Now It's Tuesday.

They didn't choose our house. They didn't choose the other house, either. They went with a completely different house altogether. Apparently the husband wanted our house, but the wife overruled him because our kitchen was "too small."

Granted, I will say that compared to the rest of our house, the kitchen is a tad small.
But it's very nice, (I think) and very convenient if you don't want to be jumping over a large island to get to your ingredients while cooking. However, look at the huge bar stools. They eat up space. So, I recently bought the kind that sits underneath the bar, and have no back. Even though we love the ginormous bar stools, they're now in the basement.
BUT, I have to admit, we didn't like the kitchen when we bought the house, either. We'd only had a weekend to buy a house, and we really loved the REST of the house. So, we settled with the kitchen.

HOWEVER, in this market where people can be as picky as all get out, our kitchen can lose us a sale. And it has. THREE stinking times. *Lara bangs head on desk*

Got up and went for a run at 5:30 this morning outside. Now I have a horrible headache. Weird. I've rented another dumpster, (not as big this time) and I'm going to fill it up before the weekend. One last-ditch effort at dejunking.

Gotta go take something for the headache. Happy Tuesday, everyone.


Devon Ellington said...

I think your kitchen is lovely, and I agree -- your barstools ROCK!

People need to get over themselves. Most people who whine about the kitchen loudest usually get take-out anyway.

I've done parties for 60+ in galley kitchens over the country. I'd love a huge, professional kitchen, but if I like the rest of the house, I'm willing to go with a smaller, well-ordered kitchen, because, heck, I've worked in galley kitchens for years, so I know I can make it work.

Best wishes that someone who's sane looks at your house soon.

I should have gone running this AM and didn't. Good for you!

Isn't amazing how fast stuff reproduces and you need a dumpster to dejunk? I admire you!

Michelle said...

Hey your kitchen is no bigger than mine. But, yours is way better than mine. LOL I think if you're buying a house like what you have, you have to make compromises somewhere.

I know someone will come along and not care about things like kitchens. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)

Aimee said...



I'd be thrilled to cook in it. And Devon is probably right, the would-be buyers probably don't even cook. Probably don't even have kids yet. Hang in there. The right buyer will come along.

Anonymous said...

They're just kitchen snobs. I would take your beautiful ANY day!


Lisa said...

Ugh. your kitchen is gorgeous!! I would absolutely love to be able to cook in that kitchen! We live in a tiny, cramped city apartment and the two of us can hardly move around in it at the same time! My first one was actually worse though. Only one person, half sized oven and sink. One day I hope to have one that looks like yours!

I'm sure someone else will come along who will appreciate and love your kitchen!