Monday, May 24, 2010's Monday...

Okay, totally weird: we had the showing on Saturday morning, and didn't hear anything. And didn't hear anything. Our realtor put a call into the other realtor, and NOTHING. Seriously. She called again Sunday morning.

As of this morning, we STILL haven't heard how the showing went. Naturally, we are assuming it is a "no," but we think the realtor (theirs, not ours) is kind of weird for not even calling back to give feedback.

Then again, maybe they're still deciding, and that's why we haven't heard. So, we could still be in the running. I'm not going to lose hope until the hope is GONE, you know what I mean?

Had a good weekend. Thing Three had a soccer game and after that we went to brunch. Sunday was HOTTER THAN HOT--a walloping 90 degrees! And today is the same. Of course the church air conditioning didn't catch up in time and by the last hour we were all DYING. There's nothing worse than doing your hair and makeup and dressing to the nines just to go and sit and MELT. It's--deflating somehow.

I know, I know I should get used to the hot, humid weather, because that's what we're in for in NC, but 90 degrees is too hot. Give me 80, but 90 is "inside" time. In the lovely air conditioning. Unless I'm at the pool. ;-)

Three weeks from today. That's all I have. Because in three weeks, the movers are coming. They told me three days to pack, two to load, and literally one truckload is going into storage. I've never had to do storage. I also have to decide what to PUT in storage. And we need to leave furniture behind, to stage our house. Not something we wanted to do, but leaving furniture behind beats paying thousands of dollars to stage or have renderings drawn.

Well, time to get cracking. CRAZY week ensuing...

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Devon Ellington said...

Do they ship you the furniture when the place sells?

I LOATHE staged homes. I've walked out of most of them -- makes me take the house right off my list. I want to see empty rooms, so I can see the possibilities.

The realtor has to warn me if they're staged, because one of my conditions is that I can start moving in the day we close, which means that if I go and see someone else's stuff, it immediately puts me off. And then it's staged and the staging usually sucks, looking like something decorated by a Walmart display person, so . . .the realtors know I prefer empty rooms.