Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making Changes.

I've started doing things "new" this year. Yeah, I know. How long will THAT last? Well, as far as I'm concerned, a while.

For some reason, I'm thinking a lot about AGE, lately. Probably because after my birthday this year I will be officially "Late Thirties" instead of "Mid Thirties." I'm thinking more of taking care of myself, and not utilizing the bad habits I've acquired over my life. What sorts of bad habits?

Hmmm, falling into bed without washing my face. Not drinking much water. Exercising only when I feel guilty. Flossing sporadically. Not taking vitamins. Stuff like that.

I am on a "rejuvination" kick, as of late. I've started doing Yoga regularly, and I have to say, at first, I was pretty much laughing as I did it, because I was shaky and NOT breathing rhythmically, and NOT "focusing without hardening my mind." Now that I've been doing it regularly, I feel stronger and more relaxed. I actually look forward to it.

I've been making sure I break a sweat once a day--whether on the elliptical or treadmill or just dancing to the iPod while cleaning the house (trust me, a sight NO ONE wants to see!), but I want to keep active.

I'm drinking more water, eating more vegetables. I'm trying to get at least seven hours of sleep at night, instead of five or six. I'm trying to kick the Diet Coke habit. (Now, that's HARD and I'm sure I'll fall off the wagon!)

I also tossed out all my skincare products I've used for years (Clinique) and I've decided to try a new line. So far I'm liking Aveda and Murad. Because now, I'm thinking "wrinkles" and "skin damage" instead of just washing my face and being done with it.

Yep--getting older (wiser?) changes everything.

Or maybe I'm just having a mid-life crisis because I have crow's feet? ;-)

I've been working heavily on my NaNo story. I'm still "iffy" on it, whether it's worth submitting or not. I have some weird concepts in it. I was really stretching my writing muscles, going for this one. It's not something I've ever done before.
I've been reading my friend Mik's NaNo and I LOVE it--but I'm also partial to Ancient Rome for a setting, too. She did the same thing I did--got to 50K and stopped. So, we've made a goal to finish up before Feb. 1st. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I have to run to Home Depot again today. Luckily I LIKE going there. I have decided to change out all the lightbulbs to the "green" bulbs in the kids closets, too. Besides, they can't seem to EVER turn their closet lights out, and this will save us money.

Tonight Thing One has Basketball practice. It was cancelled because of bitter cold last week, and because of the Boy's B-ball schedule, she has to practice from 7:30 to 9pm! I am not happy about that. Especially since her normal bedtime is 8:30. We won't even be HOME until 9:30.



Michelle Miles said...

I've been having the same thoughts. We're nearing that big Scary Age and I'm fighting all the way. :D I've been thinking about getting a Yoga DVD. Which one do you have? And do you like it?

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I've been there. Two words: BELLAPLEX and HYDROLEYES. I've tried everything from Retinol to Kenetin and nothing works like the BELLAPLEX AND HYDOLEYES combo. No wrinkles and the laughlines are less pronounced than when I used the other stuff.

It can get pricey, but I ordered my latest shipment from It was less expensive.

Also, I do Aqua Chi. You can either go to a shop that does them for about $40.00/hr or purchase your own machine off of EBAY. I'm not certain if it actually detoxes (the water after a 1/2 hour is disgusting) or the electric current causes the body to detox itself better than before, but I feel much, much better after I do one.

Of course there's the aerobic exercise and weight training. Weight training is so important to keep skin from sagging and strong bones.

Switch from Diet Coke to Crystal Light. I got off a 4/day Diet Dr. Pepper habit by going to Crystal Light Lemonade. It's awesome.

Just a few tips from the old woman.

Karen said...

If you start drinking Diet Coke Plus you can get in your vitamins without giving up the nectar. Win-win!!

Lara said...

Brenda, that is SO funny you mention that--I have been drinking Crystal Light Orange/Strawberry/Banana! I love it!

Devon Ellington said...

Yoga makes a huge difference, and the more consistent you are with it, the more results you'll see. It works better for me than anything else.

Since I'm about ten years older than you are, I've been using these products for awhile. I love anything by Aveeno. The Neutrogena whipped moisturizer is fabulous. And, I have to say, the Garnier Skin Renew is pretty wonderful, too.

Experiment around and see what feels good on your skin. You'll know.

Some of these products are so heavy I felt like I was smothered.

Can't help you with the soda thing. I only drink a soda about once every two or three months, and I have a strict "No Diet" label rule, because the diet versions make me sick. I've never been much of a soda drinker.

When I'm in tech or on set, I drink Powerade by the gallon (the hockey players got me into that), but not when I'm less active.