Monday, November 14, 2011

It's the Middle of November? Huh?

Had an amazing weekend. Friday Hubby took the day off and we had fun hanging out with the kids and frankly, being a little lazy. Saturday was a little hairy in the morning, Thing Three had a soccer game, Thing One had a church meeting and Thing Two had a Merit Badge Clinic, and I had to run to the mall and knock out some Christmas shopping because it was extra associate discount, so...yeah...dividing and conquering and things got tricky.
But later that afternoon we went out to the farm of some friends and spent the day riding 4-wheelers and shooting skeet (I had to get a crash course on how to shoot a 20-gage shotgun, but I hit one on my very first try, I was impressed with myself!) and then we had a bonfire and the yummiest barbeque. Then later that night the BYU Cougars beat Idaho. Perfect day. Total blast.

Sunday was relaxing. After church, we all took naps. Pure heaven. Sundays are the best days for those. But now my house is a sty and I get to run errands and grocery shop and clean up said house. Gotta love Mondays! And yes, I am getting my Christmas trees up in a few days. WOO!

I can't believe it's the middle of November! Time is passing freakishly fast!


Anonymous said...

Have been trying to get Dad to put up Christmas early. It is like hitting a brick wall. :-(

The season just goes too fast!!!


Brenda said...

My, my, my - the Yankee is becoming a redneck. :) That didn't take long. Guns, bonfires and barbeque. Goodness, what is next???

Anonymous said...

LOL! Right on Brenda!

Lara's Mom

Colin Galbraith said...

Time waits for nobody, so live the moment - that's what I always say :-)

Brenda said...

It's now the END of November. Time to update the blog!