Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Out of Nowhere...

Happy Veteran's Day!

*Sigh* What a crazy two weeks!

Thing Three went back to school yesterday (we kept him home on Monday because he was still a little weak) and it was like a Rock Star returning to the school. Seriously. I hadn't realized how much his hospitalization had affected the school! All the students outside came running, yelling "(Thing Three) is back! He's back!" and they literally rushed him. We had about 100 students crowded around us in no time, asking if they could carry his bag, welcoming him, etc. All the ladies in the office cheered when I brought him in. I didn't realize how popular he was! (Thing Three has always been our "charmer" and he unabashedly gives out compliments like the BEST brown noser in the world, but I suspect he's sincere.) So, it was a bit of a shock. But it was nice to see his big grin and the sparkle in his eyes back. He can't do Phy Ed or recess until he's cleared by his doctor at the end of the week, but he's glad to be back with his friends and back to school.

And I'm glad of it, too. It almost seems surreal, all we went through those eight days. I think I got lucky--I was almost too exhausted during the ordeal to be hysterically upset, and now that it's over and he's out of the woods, I'm just grateful. Sooooooo grateful!!

Call me crazy, but I am doing something a little early this year--since we're going out of town for Christmas, I'm going to put up all my Christmas decorations next week! Next week will be Throw Every Christmas Decoration Possible Up Week. I am going to get all my trees up, my garlands, my STUFF, and play Christmas music. You watch. I am going to have the most cheerful house ever!

I am so in the Christmas spirit, now! Although a friend of mine and I agreed we need to move Christmas to January 25th, because it's always so DEPRESSING after Christmas when you take all the decor down and everything is plain and empty and you still have THREE FERSHLUGGING MONTHS OF WINTER to get through.

Anyone vote for Christmas January 25th? It would be evenly spaced between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. I think it sounds fabulous.

Who's with me???



The Bean Cassarole said...

How about it be celebrated from the 25th to the 25th? A month of Christmas. Oh man, would the economy boom with all those gift getting purchased. Lol!

Devon Ellington said...

January 25th actually is a celebration night all its own - Burns Night, in honor of the poet Robert Burns, complete with piping in the haggis, etc!

It's also Virginia Woolf's birthday, so in my personal pantheon of celebrations, it's Literature Night.

I'm so glad Thing Three is healthy enough to go back to school.

you handled everything beautifully. It's not like hysteria would have helped anything. By handling it as well as you did -- without hysteria -- you helped me heal faster. It would have been worse for him if you were hysterical.

Michelle Miles said...

Moms are supposed to be rock-solid, that's what we do. And you were there for him and that's the best thing for him of all. You know?

So glad he's back to school and things are getting back to normal. I think putting up your decorations is a fantastic idea. :)