Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What Happened???

Here I was, loving the Spring weather, and yesterday was about 85 degrees, and Humid, a.k.a. sticky, miserable and YUCK! I had tons of windows open, but all it accomplished was sticky wood floors. YES, the humidity was that bad. There was a breeze, but it was hot. UGH.

I folded about 2pm and turned the air on. It was like out of one of those science fiction movies where the air finally gets turned on and all the people who were dying come back to life and resuscitate.

I could never have lived during the 1800's. Layers of petticoats and a long-sleeved dress with a high collar, NO AIR and well, you get the drift. No wonder they had "summer ovens" in their yards. That's what is cool about Wisconsin. You have tons of these historic log cabins and homes, and they all have summer ovens. Some of them are very well-kept, too.

I got an email from Grandma-in-law, she accidentally sent the wrong size for Thing Two's birthday tomorrow, so I'm going to run and get a shirt for her here to replace the one that's coming. Hey, at least she took the time to send a card and a gift. She always has, and she has TONS of grandkids. She always makes time to pick out something special and write up a card for them, and send it, BEFORE the birthday. I'm highly impressed. She has a pretty crazy schedule as it is. I'm the one who buys something the day before and spends a small fortune making sure FedEx gets it there "the next day" etc. I'm such a procrastinator! I could take a page out of her book.

Oh, and ha ha on the TWINS, comment, Devon! Happily, there is only one baby in there. At least, according to the ultrasounds I've had. I am pretty sure. I think.

Yeah, I'll laugh too if I end up having twins. But not the "good laughter." It will be the kind that makes people worry if they should commit you or not...


Michelle Miles said...

Oh it's been like that here too. SOOOOO humid and just gross. I had the windows open last night but I couldn't take it anymore. I had to turn on the air, much to my dismay. However, it poured down rain AGAIN last night so I would have had to shut them anyway. It's supposed to rain again today. Have I mentioned I'm tired of the rain?

Lara said...

Can I have some of yours??? :-)

Devon Ellington said...

No wonder people fainted so much in years past, between the corsets and the heavy clothing!

Lowa said...

Speaking of twins...a woman in our HSing group announced her latest pregnancy yesterday at our monthly meeting. She has four now and apparently the fifth pregnancy in her family on BOTH sides often is twins. Not to mention she is closing in on 40 years of age, so that ups her chances also. She is NOT HAPPY and was telling us all she will kill us if we talk about it:) LOL