Monday, October 19, 2009

Barely There.

Heh heh. I remember in the 90's that was the color of nylons I once wore. Hanes "Barely There." I remember people wore nylons with sandals, too. The horror!

BUT, I only wore white shoes with black tights--ONE time. I swear.

ANYWAY, I'm sick. Barely here. My whole family has been battling the fever/sore throat/cough/chills thing, and finally, Saturday, during an all-day church thing, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Suddenly my throat hurt, felt scratchy, my nose plugged up, etc.

I skipped church yesterday, stayed in bed. I don't have chills today, so I just need to muscle through the cement head part. I'm taking my vitamins and my C and getting lots of rest. But we made a great Sunday dinner of pot roast, rhodes rolls and mashed potatoes last night, and I COULDN'T TASTE ANY OF IT! :-( Major Sadness.

Oh well. I rarely get sick. And when I do, I whine. So, forgive me.

I made a great discovery on Saturday. I was getting ready for a presentation on 72-hour kits (mine definitely rocks, I have to say) and I was going through our "go bag" and realized it hadn't been updated since 2005. And inside a packet I had three cd's, with our computer from 2005 backed up on them. That computer has long since gone the way of the dodo, and I popped the cd's into the computer to have a look at them. And I was SOOOOO glad I did! All the pictures and videos I'd thought we'd lost were on the CDs! Basically all the pictures of our Germantown house and all the kids from 2002-2005. I was so excited! And it was a bit like looking into a time capsule--the kids loved laughing at their pictures and hairstyles and how chubby they used to all be as babies. It was a fun even, to look through all those pics!

*sigh* Time sure does fly. And now, before I get all syrupy and sentimental, I'd better bundle myself and Thing Four up, we have some errands to run!


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Devon Ellington said...

Feel better soon. It's wonderful finding old, happy memories, isn't it?