Monday, September 21, 2009

I Am NOT a Pushover...not really...

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Okay, so, I’m in trouble. Why? I showed my two year old his Halloween costume. His Buzz Lightyear costume.

Yes. I bought it early. But I’m smart in the sense that all the Buzz Lightyear costumes in toddler sizes will be sold out soon.

But, like a fool, I SHOWED it to him. He clapped his little pudgy hands and shrieked for joy and jumped up and down and begged to put it on. BEGGED. I can’t resist the charms of a two-year old. Especially if he’s cute. Which mine is. Because I’m biased.

Anyway, we put the costume on. He ran around in it. Pretended to shoot lasers. Shouted “To Infinity and Beyond!” and pretended to fly. A few hours later, it was time for the costume to come off.

Thing Four: “No.”

Me: “C’mon, sweetie. You need to take it off so we can get you in the bathtub and get your jammies on.”

Thing Four: “No.”

Me: (Huffing out all my breath). “Come on, sweetie. We need to take the costume off now. You’ve had lots of fun it it, but we need to save it for Trick-or-treating.”

Thing Four: “NO! I wanna be Buzz Lightyear!”

And he was off, running with his little pudgy Buzz Lightyear legs. He actually gave me quite a chase, until I cornered him in the formal dining room. At this point, his free agency had been revoked by me, and I held him down and carefully stripped the Buzz Lightyear costume off of him, while he kicked and screamed and threw the tantrum of all tantrums (it was like battling an octopus) which is something he never does.

He's better than I thought. He sulked. He pouted. He begged. He managed to fit the words "Buzz Lightyear costume" into nearly every sentence he said to me.

For instance: (at dinner) "Mommy, can I have more mashed potatoes and wear my Buzz Lightyear costume?"

I wasn't going to give in. There was no way I was going to cave. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Guess who is happily running around the living room RIGHT AS I TYPE THIS, wearing a certain Buzz Lightyear costume?



Anonymous said...

HA. You pushover. ;)

Hey I already went by there and commented!

AND ARGH! For whatever reason, Google thinks my password is wrong. So I'm posting Anon.


Lowa said...

CUTE! Reminds me of when my Clown was about 20 months old. We were going to have a family portrait done and I had bought him this darling little suit. I wanted to make sure it fit him, so I had him try it on. Vest, tie, shoes, the whole thing. He LOVED it and could not stop staring at himself in the floor to ceiling mirror. I didn't want it to get soiled before the photo session the next day, so of course I had to wrestle it off of him as he SCREAMED at the top of his lungs, "Wear tie NOW! Wear tie NOW!!"

That poor little fart cried himself to sleep. Took 45 minutes, he ran around the house chasing me first, screaming "Wear Tie NOW!!" and finally collapsed on the floor in his sisters room. I think I got some on video to show at his wedding, when he can wear a tie if he wants and no one will make him take it off. He is ten now, and still loves to dress nicely and wear ties to church:)