Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kids are Predictable.

The baby did his "I'll cry while I have an audience" thing again this morning. We all just ignore him while he lies there, moaning, eventually he just gets up and toddles around like he was never upset.

My 11-year old daughter was upset with me last Friday because I didn't want to go wait in line to buy "Twilight" at midnight. I was like, WTHeck? with her. The only time I've ever waited in line at midnight was for the release of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.

THAT, in my opinion, was warranted. But to go buy a DVD of a movie she'd ALREADY seen? That was just ridiculous. I picked it up Saturday morning. And I got the cheap DVD without the special features because she's obsessed enough with it and frankly, the extended makeout scenes and a scene where Edward sucks on Bella's finger to "taste her" is on the extended DVD, and my innocent little 11-year old doesn't need to see things like that.

I've also limited her viewing of the movie to once a week. No debate. She really hates that rule, but I'm not feeding her obsession. Yeah, I'm the mean mom who will only let her read the first book and not the others, and I thwart her at every turn. Yeah, I'm HORRIBLE.


I just happen to know her, very well.

On the writing front, I got back two SUPER critiques yesterday. Wowza. I didn't realize how badly I overused certain words, and adverbs (well I knew, but I'd hoped I could get away with it). I LOVE adverbs. A lot of people detest them. Not me. I'm a big fan. And ellipses. And italic font. Those are my bread and butter, right there...

Heh heh. Anyway, I have lots of editing to do. I think I have the plot where I want it, now I need to get everything else nailed down. I'm going to have to move my April 1st deadline out--at this point, when it's ready, it's ready. And I still have to write a synopsis. Grrrrr.

Thing Three was well enough to send to school today, he missed four days total. Poor little guy. I guess his pneumonia was bacterial, because he got better quickly after we started the antibiotics.

Now I wish the weather would cooperate! Where did the sun go?

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Michelle Miles said...

You BIG MEAN MOM! LOL It's probably for the best and someday she'll thank you.

I'm pushing out my deadline, too. BUT - look at us! We got our first draft done and now it's all about tweaking and layering. We rock. LOL

And if you want me to read that again, let me know. Things are about to slow down for me (thank goodness) so I'd be happy to.