Friday, September 05, 2008

I Loathe Viruses!

Yeah, the kind humans can get, too, but I'm talking about COMPUTER viruses. Especially the nasty kind that hijack your browser and won't let it go until you've downloaded their product. Um, just a hint guys, if you're going to hijack my browser and make it so I can't even navigate or use my computer, the LAST thing I'm going to do is download your product...

Sheesh. I was up until late last night trying to clean it. I even BOUGHT some anti-spyware program, Stopzilla, (which, to my dismay, found ten major trojans and spyware) but even after cleaning and removing, IE STILL is getting hijacked. I don't know what to do, short of wiping my computer, and I'm telling you, that would be a major all-day process and a pain in my...head.

It was just an innocent Google. That's all it was. My son wanted me to look up some Legend of Zelda Link artwork, and suddenly I had a porn bomb on my computer. I had to slam the laptop lid down and tell him to get out of the room. Thank heaven his back was at least turned and he was looking at my bookshelves when the porn bomb hit. The images were...AWFUL.

There are some seriously sick people out there.

Anyway, this is one of the reasons why I won't let my kids use Google. My daughter once googled "Zac Ephron" (or whatever his name is) and suddenly the screen was inundated with all these full-frontal naked pictures of his current girlfriend.
I have put safety precauctions on my kids computer--and I don't allow them to Google. Clearly there are people out there who prey on kids who type in innocent phrases.

It's gotten really bad, lately. I can't travel the world and write, so I Google the world and write, and every once in a while, I get some unsavory stuff. It only reinforces my belief that there are people in this world who are out to take away my kids' innocence.

And I plan to defend it as long as I can.

But in the meantime, anyone have suggestions for getting rid of a nasty IE browser hijacker? And please don't tell me to switch to Firefox or Mozilla. I'm set in my ways and I like IE...


Jennifer said...

Sean doesn't let us use IE. I know you don't want to hear it, but Firefox is great.

You are such a great mom!!

Devon Ellington said...

AS long as you use IE, it will keep happening. I have IE still on the computer, because one of my vendors uses it for invoices, but other than that -- any time I've used it other than to go directly to that vendor in the last year, I've been hijacked. And I have good stuff in the computer.

I'm sure, if you're willing to shell out several hundred dollars, Microsoft will provide you with something that will work for a week and then crash your whole system. Because that's how they operate.

A daily fix is Lavasoft Adaware. It's free for personal use, and between that and the MacAfee, I have fewer problems, and don't have to worry about porn attacks.

I should run the Lavasoft every day -- I run it about every 2-3 days, it doesn't stop you from other surfing or work while you use it, and it catches A LOT, shows you what it's got, quarantines it, and removes it.

In general, even using Google, as long as I don't use IE, I don't get porn bombs.

You're right, there ARE predators out there, and it's hard to protect your kids.

Michelle Miles said...

GAW! What a nightmare.

I hate Firefox and Netscape and all the others. IE is a sound product but you DO have to take precautions. You may have to end up reloading the computer. Send me exactly what the Trojan name is and I'll have Man find out about it. Sounds like you got a really bad one that may be so new the other Anti-Spyware thingies don't know about it yet.

Unless, of course, you've already fixed it. Let me know!

And yes, seriously sick people in the world. And they're all over OUR internet!

Karen said...

Yeah, I'm with Jennifer. Get Firefox. I was an IE addict for a long time, but really, Firefox is sooo much better! I use AVG anti-virus, which is a free download. You can find it on

brookstar said...

firefox will do so much in preventing this from happening. it takes a bit of getting used to, but ultimately, you'll thank yourself for finally doing it. the add-ons are fantastic on firefox as well and it's fully customizable. just using it for the adblock feature is worth it.