Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Countdown has Begun...

Status: Mellow. Surprisingly so.

I am enjoying what's left of the calm before the Storm. The Storm, you ask? Yes. The storm of "Mom, I'm bored" and "Mom, there isn't anything to do" complaints.

Friday is the last day of school. No more homework, no more books, no more teacher's...well, you get the idea.

No more insane lunch bills, no more scrambling to find MIA Library books, no more "projects" that involve as much parent involvement as child's, and FINALLY, no more craziness trying to find "stuff" before the bus comes, EVERY morning, resulting in me yelling and having crazy high blood pressure.

WHEW. I do have an important rule, though. If the kids say "Mom I'm bored" or anything that remotely resembles it, I put them to work cleaning something, no ifs ands or buts.

Yeah, I'm mean. Luckily the kids love to be outdoors, and they love to ride bikes and play catch and have picnics. I mean, we have a freaking LAKE down the road!!! And there is so much to do! We are going to have FUN!!

Whether they like it or not! ;-)


Michelle Miles said...

Oo I hate the I'm Bored statement. Makes me insane. LOL Sounds like they'll have a good summer, though :)

Amy said...

You're not mean, you're teaching them to fill their time in a meaningful way. "I'm bored," is a sign of laziness....they can ALWAYS find something to do.

We have the "I'm Bored" Box. It's a shoe box just filled with ideas on how to spend your time. You reach in, pull out a folded slip of paper, and you MUST do the activity listed there. It only took the kids getting, "Clean bathroom grout with an old toothbrush, and this includes the stuff around the toilet" once before we NEVER heard "I'm bored" again last summer.

I love that box.

brookstar said...

I know you have a love for Jane Austen so I thought I'd leave you a link in case you haven't noticed this little news item. Evidently a miniature of the person who inspired Mr. Darcy is going on sale next week.


Anonymous said...

There's way too much to do in life to be bored. I agree with the adage that the only people who are bored are boring people (and I'd add, narcissists, who think the world must entertain THEM).

Boredom was not allowed in our house.

Good for you, teaching your kids to be active and use their time well. And, with a lake right down the road -- what fun!